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Foolish Me

Foolish Me - Tinnean I love this book. Honestly, if you are a fan of the first one, I think this will be easy to love too. Wills and Theo are not Mark and Quinn (from Spy Vs. Spook) and their story is different, but they are just really great together and they are definitely lovable characters in their own right.

You know, it's nice to read a book that really makes you feel happy inside and what really makes me happy is knowing these two get a great HEA. And even though I know Tinnean has an idea for a little more from these two, the ending is still perfect and it could be left the way it is. Still, I will never say no to revisiting some great characters. Especially now they are really just starting their lives together. This book isn't really what you would call angsty, though something does happen that strains things for a short time. But apart from this, the book is really, really enjoyable and not overly heavy. The ending is a prime example and I was laughing at one particular part of the ending.

There's not much else I can say apart from how wonderful these books are. I'm a huge fan of Tinnean's writing and I am always ready to read more from her. I think fans of her will enjoy this one and it's definitely a must read for those who have already read [b:Pick Up the Pieces|20634960|Pick Up the Pieces (The Light in Your Eye #1)|Tinnean|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1390704511s/20634960.jpg|39923745].