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Don't Worry Baby

Don't Worry Baby - kalpurna So this is like really really good. I'm not a fan of stories with hookers usually, but I really didn't mind it here and it wasn't like Stiles was sleeping with other guys when he moved in with Derek. And there was only sex between them before that, so I was okay with it here. Plus it added a bit of insecurity to the story and that was a good part of this fic.

I was surprised that there wasn't more sex. I was expecting it to be more or less all sex, and it wasn't, so that made this great in my opinion and I loved it for that very reason. It was very real and there was enough emotion there for me to really want this Stiles and Derek to get a happy ending, even if Derek was a bit overly possessive. Though I do think I understand why he was the way he was in this. And I thought it felt like Stiles and Derek and the characters definitely felt like the ones from the show, even if the plot wasn't exactly there.

I'm glad I found another Sterek fic to give 5 stars to because I really adore this couple and they are definitely one of the best m/m fanfic couples out there.