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Hickeys and Handcuffs

Hickeys and Handcuffs - Circe6 As far as fics go, this would have to be one of the nicest ones I've ever met. It's not the most well written and it's probably not the overall greatest thing, but I loved it so much I can't give it less than 5 stars.

So, fans of Stiles will probably enjoy this. He wasn't Stiles from 3b, which I was extremely grateful for. I thought he was just as cute here as he is in his funnier scenes in the show. I loved that the author wrote him in such a Stiles like way and it sounded like Stiles, if that makes sense. He was the same lovable, clumps and over talkative guy he is in the show. And I loved that! His relationship with Derek took some time and it was definitely a slower burning romance. Actually, he bonded with Laura faster than he did with Derek, which was almost like a secondary plot here. I loved that about the story too. It was very Stiles like and while some people might find him annoying in the show, most people do genuinely love him and they see what a great guy he is.

The romance was really lovely here. There was a misunderstanding between Stiles and Derek after a very nice little scene in the woods. It was frustrating, but it wasn't what it looked like and it did lead to one of my favorite scenes in the fic. I'm always happy to have some sexy Sterek time. It just makes me so happy and it gives me hope that one day we might get some real Sterek action. I know it's probably never going to happen, but a girl can dream. Right?

So yeah, I really loved this fic and I can recommend it. But I can also see why some might not like it. So it would probably be a good idea to judge this one for yourself.