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Riding the Lightning

Riding the Lightning - Vendelin So this fic is all kinds of awesome. But it's not just really awesome, the characters voices are spot on and the writing is very nice. It makes me want to read more fics from this Sterek writer and I wish she would write some Gallavich ones too, because that would be awesome.

Anyway, this isn't really a full blown romance, because that doesn't happen until the end, but there is a nice connection between Stiles and Derek which makes the story really nice and it makes you want some Sterek action. The main plot, which isn't really the mystery, is Stiles trying to get past what happened to him. He has to sort through a lot of stuff, which is what I imagine happening in season 4, and just him trying to remember what happened to him. The emotion in this is very believable and I really like the way Derek was always there to support Stiles when needed. It just made me really happy to read this because I was able to get wrapped up in the story and I was really enjoying it.

I like the ending a lot, but I do wish there had been a little more. But I'm greedy, so don't mind me. It's definitely something that makes me hope for a sequel, but I also know I won't be overly upset if it doesn't have one because this is just that good.