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Guarded - Kim Fielding There isn't a lot I can say about this that hasn't been said in some of the other reviews. This book is beautiful. The world building is flawless, the characters complex and wonderful and the ending left me feeling all happy and content inside.

The first part of the book is not like the second part at all. It was a lot tougher and these guys were no way near what they became. It was hard for me to see Volos so hurt over Berhanu's treatment of him. But that didn't stop him from saving Berhanu. And that's when things started to change.

After rescuing Berhanu, Volos and he bonded. Their shared experiences brought them closer together. They shared something that no one else could understand and I personally enjoyed seeing them grow closer. And then the first sex scene happened. It wasn't sweet and gentle or anything like that. It was rough and desperate and the beginning of... something.


After that, things really changed between them. But we still didn't get the gentler side of them until Berhanu understood that he couldn't heal without Volos, which he tried. It was frustrating that he didn't understand, damn it! But I guess it all worked out for the best because the ending they had was perfect. Romantic. Beautiful. Tender. And fun. They learned how to have fun during sex, which was a very big thing for these two.

So now I'm going to finish off this review with some Nagron gifs, because as a couple, Nagron have some amazing gifs that really work for this story.