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The Dreams You Made in the Dirt

The Dreams You Made in the Dirt - Lisa Henry This was amazing, and wonderful, and emotional at times. Basically, it was so close to perfect. I would have loved something a little longer, though, because I would have loved a HEA. Don't get me wrong, the ending is hopeful and honestly left me wanting more, but everything wasn't as happy as I would have like for the characters. Aiden especially.

Aiden and Cole were wonderful MC's. While both of them were damaged, it was Aiden who really wormed his way into my heart. What happened to him was so sad. He basically had no one and the only family he did have (2 half-brothers and his father) only made his life worse. His father, who was the worst of them, was definitely a monster and the discovery towards the end was proof of that, but even what he did to his own son was enough for me to hate him.

The age difference between the two characters might be an issue for some, but I think if you can get past the fact Aiden is only 18 and Cole is 10+ years older, you should really give this one a shot. It's beautiful and definitely makes you feel.