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Honesty and Artifice

Honesty and Artifice - S.H. Allan I was honored to be asked by the author to beta read this book. So I've read it a few times now and I definitely fell in love with it more each time.

The pacing was really good. I liked seeing Boaz and Eric's feelings grow as they spent more time together. They were both likable guys, at least I thought they were, so it made me root for them a lot more than I would have otherwise.

This overall story isn't very dark or depressing, but the darkness comes into it a couple of times. Part of it is because of Boaz's past and the things he's seen and experienced. And the other part is how Eric ended up with Boaz in the first place. I definitely think fans of mystery/thrillers or even adventure, would enjoy those aspects of the story.

The ending isn't very final, I know. But this is the first story in a series, so I'm glad everything wasn't wrapped up perfectly. That would probably mean drama for this couple and no, just no. I think they both have had their fair share of issues and they don't need to be destroyed as a couple.

Oh, and more points go to this story because it's well written and it's in first person (I have a thing for first person). So it was definitely my thing and I'm sure a lot of people will really enjoy this story.