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To Have Outlived the Night

To Have Outlived the Night - Stillane I'll admit, I wasn't overly amazed by the beginning of this, but as I read more, the fic became a lot better. Actually, this was a really good fic packed with feeling. There's a nice bit of Sterek in this too, and they are perfect. I think this would be how I would like Sterek in the show. The way they become a couple felt natural and very realistic to the show.

I'm also glad we got to see Sheriff Stilinski. I love his character and I tend to enjoy him in Sterek fics when he actually warms up to/gets along with Derek. It just makes me all happy inside when he can see how much Derek cares about Stiles. And I definitely think he did here. Because, come on, it was obvious!

This isn't the longest fic in the history of Sterek. But it fits a lot of good stuff in just over 23k words. And that actually suited me because I wanted a quick read.