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Vampire Prince

Vampire Prince - S.J. Frost God, I loved this book so much. I wanted to read this for so long and I finally got around to it. Was it as good as I thought it would be? No. It was even better than I anticipated. S.J. Frost has made me fall in love with another set of her characters. And this time, it's vampires again.

I know from experience that she writes very sweet, sexy books that always leave me wanting more. Her MC's are always wonderful. Always. But she also does secondary characters really well and I think these are probably my favorites of hers so far. I so want books for Baz and Sal (and Beezle, of course), but I also want more from Sebastian and Valentin. Even if she does something similar like her Instincts series, I would be so happy with that. I'm not even kidding, it would make my day if I heard she was doing that.

Anyway, back to this book. Vampire Prince is a very fitting title because Valentin, the vampire in this book, has reached Vampire Prince status. He meets Sebastian in a blood house when he goes to feed. Unlike most vampires, Valentin won't take a blood slave unless they are willing and he's a lot nicer than most vampires. That confuses Sebastian who isn't used to being treated nicely by the vampires who feed off of him. And soon after they meet, a connection is formed and they start to develop feelings for each other. But things happen and everything gets more than a little messy.

Some people might expect a really dark, angsty book. But Sebastian and Valentin were a very solid couple after a while. Nothing stupid happened between them anyway and it was mostly outside things that added in a bit of drama. Everything was wrapped up perfectly in this one, even if I was left wanting more. And I can't wait to see if S.J. Frost turns this into a series.

Vampire Prince is definitely a book I would recommend to people. Even if you're not overly fond of vampires, I think you would like this for the characters alone. It's really very good.