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The Dogs of Balboa

The Dogs of Balboa - Rose Christo This is an amazing YA book!

I love Rose Christo. I've loved everything of hers I've read so far. They're just the type of books I could read and read again. And I don't see that stopping. I love the way she makes me feel things and she always makes me fall in love with her characters.

This book deals with some pretty heavy stuff. It's a book that won't be for everyone. But like a lot of Rose Christo books, it's one I learned a lot from.

I loved Michael and I loved Noah. I loved the friendship that developed between them. And I really wanted Michael to come clean to Noah, and to himself. His struggle felt real and I really wanted to hug him and make things better, but I know it had to work out the way it did.

He belonged in my arms. He melted into me, close and tight, and I felt every part of him with every part of me.

The ending made me smile. It was nice to see these boys find happiness. Recommended! Especially if you're a Rose Christo fan.