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Unbeautiful - Jessica Sorensen Buddy read with Kayl 24th December 2014.

This is different from what I normally read. Was that a good thing? In this case, it was. Unbeautiful has two MC's. Emery and Ryler. Both have issues and both have dark pasts. We don't know everything about them, which makes them more interesting. I couldn't really say who had the hardest past. Both of them had gone through their fair share and both of them were still dealing with their issues.

Emery is supposed to be perfect. And on the outside she is. She looks beautiful, and as far as everyone knows, she has the perfect like. But that is far from the truth. She's dealing with a lot of issues. There are things going on in her life that are making her fall apart. She's not happy. She doesn't have a perfect life, but she wants to.

Ryler is the opposite of Emery. He doesn't look traditionally beautiful. People often judge him for his appearance. He's had a tough start in life and to top it all off he's mute. He's made some bad decisions and been forced into even worse ones. But he wants to have a normal life.

The two of them together are very sweet in a sense. There's a connection, an attraction. But they both have issues trusting people. Yet they can't stop thinking about each other. It's complicated. Really, really complicated. And in the end you find out that things are about to get even more complicated.

There are times when this book feels strange. In the beginning, I just kept wondering what would happen and what was going on. It was intense. But I liked that about this book. Intense can be really good. And I know from experience that Jessica Sorensen knows how to write intense well. The writing here was also good. It was engaging and enjoyable and I was flicking through the pages like no ones business. I needed to see how this would end and when I reached the end, I was desperate to find out when the next book will be out.

So yes, I would recommend this to fans of the author. It's definitely one of my favorites from her and I really want the next book, like now.