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Overlooked - Rose Christo The Gives Light series is one of my favorite series’ ever. I’ve said it in almost every review for these books and my love for this series and the characters continues to grow. And the fact I’m still getting more books makes me so happy, because my love will continue to grow for this series with each new book released.

I love Rafael. I loved him when Skylar talked about him in the first book and I loved him even more when we got his first book, Lending Light. He’s such an amazing character. He has issues and he struggles with life and with the past. He blames himself for a lot of things and he never seems to give himself a break.

In this book, Overlooked, we get to see more of his relationships. Mainly, the relationship with his sister, Mary. The relationship is complicated. It was strained after they found out their father was a murderer and was even further strained when Mary left the reservation. But they’ve always had a bond. A bond that hasn’t been broken with time or distance. It’s a bond I loved exploring.

Mary comes back and things are still difficult between them. And it’s made worse when Rafael finds out what Mary’s planning to do. It hurts him because what she wants to do could hurt the person he cares about more than anyone else, the person who loves him and helps him to love himself every single day.


The relationship these two boys have is special. I’m pretty sure I will forever love the way these two boys are together. It’s hard not to love a couple who love each other so much and who continue to grow with each other. They’re soul-mates. Meant to be. They complement each. And I always feel the emotion and love between them. I can’t picture them not loving each other, and that’s amazing!

There are also a lot of secondary characters who make the series what it is. Gabriel, Rosa, Annie, Aubrey, Zeke, Paul, Catherine. All of them add something to these boys lives. And they add to my enjoyment of the story.

Honestly, I’m so glad I found this series when I did. It’s such an amazing journey to take and I’m always excited to see where it will go next. I am so excited for the next book and cannot wait to get more Skylar and Rafael.

Highly recommended series! Honestly, if you want something YA, you can’t go wrong here.

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