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Carry the Ocean

Carry the Ocean - Heidi Cullinan This is not my first book by Heidi Cullinan. I love [b:Dance With Me|11488260|Dance With Me|Heidi Cullinan|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1309831851s/11488260.jpg|16423496] and it's easily one of my favorite books. But this one is hands down my favorite of hers to date. I'm not sure I can properly describe how much I love this book, these characters and this story. It's amazing. Beautiful. Emotional. It made me feel.

Jeremey broke my heart. He suffered so much. His parents didn't understand, they didn't want to understand either. They wanted him to be "normal". They wanted the perfect son. The son they could put in a box. And he tries. He tries to be what they want him to be. He does his best to get up every day and to do what they want him to do. Until he's no longer able to do that.

sometimes I feel like everyone else is carrying a bucket of water but I'm trying to carry an ocean.

Emmet has a supportive family behind him. They love him, support him and truly want the best for him. Sure, they don't always agree. But I never doubted how much they loved him. I had a soft spot for his dad. He was awesome. An amazing dad. His mom was great, too. She struggled for a while. But I know she only wanted the best for Emmet. Emmet is awesome in his own right. He's so lovable, as is Jeremey, and I fell for him straight away.

I'm an everybody. I get a somebody.

The relationship between these boys is heartbreaking and painful at times, but it's also beautiful. They are amazing together. And even though they have their issues, they work through everything. They communicate (most of the time) and nothing can stop their love. What helps you love them even more is getting both POVs. I loved seeing each MC through the others eyes. It was beautiful and it made my heart melt time and time again.

"I love you, Emmet. I'll love you always. I'll love you always best."

I cannot recommend this book enough. There are so many things I love about it. It's perfect. Simply perfect. I'm really glad I read it because I do not regret it one bit.