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Rise & Fall

Rise & Fall - Charlie Cochet I think I have a new favorite book in the series. This bad boy is amazing. It's easily the best book for Sloane and Dex's relationship, but it's also not an easy ride. There are ups and downs and things go wrong and things go right. But no matter what happens in this book, you get one thing. Relationship progress. Dex and Sloane are a great couple. I've always enjoyed reading them. But this book made me fall completely head over heels in love with them.

Rise & Fall picks up where Rack & Ruin ended. The beginning of this made my heart ache because I didn't know what would happen to Sloane. A million different things were running through my mind while I was starting this and the worry kept building. The lighter, more comic relief moments were needed, especially in the beginning.

I have a lot of favorite moments in this book. Some are Dex and Sloane, one is Dex, Ash and Sloane, another is Ash and Sloane and the other one is the ending, which I will talk about more later because quite frankly I think it's my favorite book ending ever! I've never laughed so hard while reading and I'm still smiling now thinking about it.

The relationship between Dex and Sloane is an interesting one. I wanted Dex to be happy so I was always hoping Sloane would cop on and figure out what he wanted. Sometimes I doubted it was Dex. This book proved all those old insecurities wrong. Now I know for a fact he wants and loves Dex just as much as Dex wants and loves him. And he even told him he loved him!! These guys can be crazy sweet when they're together and they also can be funny, which is awesome. Something about them being together and happy makes me smile and I love it. I love this book for giving me that. I love this couple for making me want to read more of them.

“They never caught them you know.” “Who?” What on earth was his partner talking about? Was he talking in his sleep? “The men who killed my parents.” “Oh, Dex….” Sloane placed a kiss to Dex’s brow. “I’m so sorry, sweetheart.”

Some of the other couples in the series get a mention here. Some more than others, ie. Ash and Cael and Calvin and Hobbs. We get to see some happiness and hope there. And maybe a little more. That made me really happy and it makes me excited for their books.

Now for the ending. That ending was hilarious, to say the least. I'm not sure I want to spoil this for anyone. But I love Tony and I love the type of dad he is. I would love the next book to pick up from there, because that would be a hilarious start and I have a feeling we'll need it for Ash and Cael. I'm also really looking forward to seeing if Old Betsy makes an appearance again.

"Dex! It's Old Besty!"

I need the next book right now! I need to get Cael and Ash's story and I need more of this series. This book is definitely going on my favorites list!