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The Probability of Violet and Luke

The Probability of Violet and Luke - Jessica Sorensen I don't know if it's possible for things to get worse for these two. I seriously do not know. They have gone through so much and it's hard for me to imagine them ending up in even more trouble that they did here. Especially Violet. She's definitely got a lot to deal with and Luke, well, he's really going to need to get his act together.

One thing I really, really liked about this book was Ryler. He was awesome and reading about him makes me want to read Unbeautiful even more than I already do.

The ending makes me think that things might start to get better for these two, but it won't be easy. They have a lot to deal with. And they have a lot of demons to work out. Plus we have the whole thing with Preston/whatever his real name is. And there's Luke's issue with alcohol and gambling, and the stuff with his parents.

Another thing I really liked was seeing a bit more of Seth and Greyson (I'm so excited for their book!), though they weren't really in this that much. I just love them so much.

Still, this was a very good read. I love reading about characters who have issues and are trying to work through them (even if it takes a while). And this definitely worked for me. I'm looking forward to the final Violet and Luke book because it will be interesting to see how things work out for the two of them.