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They Come By Night

They Come By Night - Tinnean 4 stars!

I’m a huge fan of Tinnean’s books. Have been since I found her Spy Vs. Spook books. This was a little different than the ones I’ve read from her so far. It’s a little different than the other vampire books I’ve read in the past, too. But that was actually a good thing because this was a really interesting story and world.

I really felt for Tyrell, Ty. He was born a sabor and had his whole life dictated to him because of his parentage. His mother didn’t want him and so he was kept from most of his family, including his older siblings. But he had a great father who loved him, so at least he had someone.

As a sabor, it’s Ty’s job to feed vampyrs. He will fall in love with them the second he lays eyes on them, feed them, and fall out of love again when the vampyr leaves. But Ty doesn’t want that. He wants to feed and love his vampyr, Adam, and no one else. Adam doesn’t believe that’s possible because every sabor falls in love with the vampyrs they feed. Everyone but Ty.

He’s different. He doesn’t fall in love with the other vampyrs who want to feed from him. He turns most of them away, not all, but most. And he continues to love Adam. It’s strange and confuses everyone. Other vampyrs find it strange that Ty doesn’t fall in love with them, sometimes they aren’t very nice about it and it pisses Ty off. I really liked Ty and the fact he was willing to say no, but yes when he really needed to.

The relationship between Ty and Adam was nice. This book wasn’t as much a romance as it was vampire/fantasy book. That didn’t bother me because I sort of knew that going in. Plus I did like seeing things develop between Ty and Adam. The only thing I really missed from their relationship was sex. You see, since Ty is a sabor, he has to stay a virgin so he can remain pure to feed vampyrs. It’s something they both know and we learn early on, but it would have been nice if they could have worked around that.

Overall, this was a really well written book with a strong plot and a likable MC. I liked several of the secondary characters. I think most people who love vampire books will enjoy this since the world building is so strong.

A copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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