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Forgiving Thayne

Forgiving Thayne - J.R. Loveless I knew I'd struggle with this book. I just knew it. You can sort of tell from the first book that this story is going to be a difficult read and it really was. It drove me insane even more than the first book and I didn't think it was possible.

So this could have been good. The angst was an issue but it didn't have to be a three star read. But there was just so much here. The MC's sort of fit together in a sense. They both did similar things with others while apart so that wasn't a huge issue, but it will be for some, I know. And then you have the whole thing with Matt, the Created One. I would have liked Thayne's feelings for him to be discussed by the two MC's properly, since I don't see Nick really getting over the jealousy of Thayne having loved him. And of course Ryan, Nick's other best friend, who was in love with Nick. It didn't really go anywhere, in my opinion.

Even though I struggled with this book I did enjoy it to a certain extent. It's hard. I would love to give the book more, but I just can't. I do want to read more from this author, though. I loved one of her other books in the past and hope I'll enjoy more of them in the future.