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A Restored Man

A Restored Man - Jaime Reese So this was me when I first heard about the book.


And this is me now that I've read it.


Honestly, I knew I would love this the moment I heard about it. I'm such a huge Jaime Reese fan. Her books tick all the boxes for me and always, always leave me wanting more of her amazing characters.

A Restored Man is just so amazing. I loved it from the first page and I fell a little more in love with it as I continued to read. I kept smiling and laughing and just having fun while I read this. There were times I wanted to jump into the book and hug Cole or Ty and make everything better for them. They both had issues to deal with and each had their own guilt. And that added something to the story and made it more emotional for me.

These guys are just perfect. Cole and Ty connected and I felt them. I loved them as friends and as a couple. They were funny and got each other hot and bothered, which is always fun.

We also got to see Julian and Matt again, which was so awesome. I love the relationship Julian and Cole have. It's fun and made me laugh more than once while I was reading. I loved most of the secondary characters, to be honest. One might have made me angry at one point (not saying who) but the support they gave these two was awesome. Cole's family were so wonderful and I adored Jeff.

I loved so many moments in this. The sweet, tender moments just melted me. Ty's hair fetish. Julian and Cole. Aidan and Cole. Cole and his family. And also the moments Cole and Ty were working together. Those scenes made me smile.

The ending was perfect. I could have read more (just being honest) but the way it did end is perfect and these two definitely get their HEA.