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Shawn's Law

Shawn's Law - Renae Kaye 4.5 stars!

Shawn’s Law is the fourth Renae Kaye book I’ve read. I fell in love with her books after reading The Shearing Gun last year and I always look forward to her new releases. Shawn’s Law is no different. I really, really enjoyed this book and it’s a very strong 4.5 star read for me. Not my favorite from her, but still a book I will happily read again.

I love Shawn. He’s a great guy who is a victim of Shawn’s Law, which is like Murphy’s Law but a million times crazier. Some of the stuff that happened to him made me laugh so hard. He’s like a walking disaster, which is funny to read about. And he’s had such rotten luck with his love life. But he’s also a really caring, patient person who looks after his mum who has Alzheimer’s and never really complains about it or gets angry about the way things have turned out.

Then you have Harley, or as Shawn called him in the beginning, Hippy-Hotpants. I love Harley, too. He wanted Shawn the moment he saw him but held back until he couldn’t any more. He had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he was there for Shawn and I could tell he really did love him.

I really liked the two of them together, even if they could be frustrating at times. There were a couple of times, especially towards the end, where I was really shaking my head. I think it was to be expected, though, since Shawn had some issues with himself and then with the whole Shawn’s Law things, I imagine it could get very frustrating to be with someone like that. But the two of them together were so sweet, and they did really care about each other.

This book is so funny. It’s hard not to laugh at some of the things that happen to Shawn. I mean, I don’t know anyone, even myself, who can get into situations like that. It’s crazy and so much fun and it had me laughing most of the time while I was reading it. Even the very last page.

The Alzheimer’s part of this book hit close to home for me, having seen my nanny (grandmother) suffer with it and also having a great-uncle, who lives in the States, currently suffering with it. I think it made me feel really attached to Estelle. It also prepared me for the ending. So while this book was hilarious and I laughed my ass off, there was also a bit of an emotional attachment for me, too.

Shawn’s Law is definitely a book I will read again, like many of Renae Kaye’s books. It’s such a good book and I cannot recommend it enough if you want a good laugh. And it has left me even more excited for her next book.

A copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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