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Semper Fidelis

Semper Fidelis - S.A. McAuley, T.A. Chase, Devon Rhodes, LE Franks, Sara York, Kendall McKenna, Morticia Knight Soul Sick by Kendall McKenna - 4 stars!: I love Kendall McKenna! It has to be said. I've read almost everything she's written to date and I'm looking forward to the books she has coming out in the future. While this isn't my favorite from her, it's still a really nice story and they are a couple I would love to visit again.

Tucker and Jamie are a good couple. But Jamie has some issues after coming back from combat. This strains the relationship and after a downward spiral, Jamie almost looses both Tucker and his career. But things turn around in the end and these two start working on getting back to what they were before everything bad happened.

The main problem I had here was the length. I would have liked a little more between these two. Even though it ended happily, I wanted to see more of the healing and more of the two of them coming together again.

Saying that, if you're a fan of the author like I am, you should definitely give this story a shot. It's short and what you can expect from this author.