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Only Fools Rush In

Only Fools Rush In - decideophobia Derek needs a date for a wedding. And Stiles, though they don't know each other, is the person he asks.

It's not supped to be an actual date or anything. But you can't help how you feel or who you fall for.

Derek’s had different first kisses. Wild ones, the kind where you just hungrily bite and nip; hard ones, all teeth, and bruising even; soft, and tender ones too, testing out the waters, sneaking tongue, slow nips.

Kissing Stiles is completely different: it’s sweet, languid; a dry, lingering press of lips that still sends miniscule, tingling shocks right down to Derek’s core. It’s a kind of kiss you get lost in; the kind that ignites wildfires in your gut effortlessly; the kind that lets you forget that there’s a world that exists around you.