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Starting with the Unexpected

Starting with the Unexpected - Andi Van Starting with the Unexpected was a really good read for me. The blurb was the first thing that drew me to this. It sounded interesting, and I wondered how the whole Marcus/Marian thing would work out and if it would be dragged out for way too long. And for that, I’m really glad, because it made it easier to root for the couple, Zachary and Marcus.

The drama with Marcus’ ex and family was just… wow. I was hoping someone would be a little nicer than the younger sister. But nope. That didn’t happen. The only thing I’m happy about is the fact he didn’t forgive and forget, which was a bit of a worry for a while, I have to admit. They didn’t deserve Marcus at all. He’s such a nice, sweet guy and they seem like poison to me. I also question the sanity of his younger sister and mom.

There were also some issues with Zachary and his brother, Brandon. The issues they had weren’t as crazy as the ones Marcus had with his family, so that was a plus. I was curious to see how it would work out with Zachary and Brandon. I wasn’t sure if I wanted them to work things out or not. I didn’t know if it could after everything that had happened. But I was really happy with the way things worked out between them.

Zachary’s best friend Jordan and parents were awesome, especially the mom. I love that they were supportive, nice characters.

Zachary and Marcus were so sweet together. I love that their relationship seemed very normal and they were there for each other and supported each other. They even fought and made up again! It all seemed very normal, which was good considering some of the other things going on in the book. It was nice to see them facing things together and growing as a couple.

Overall, this was a really good, solid 4 star read. I loved Zachary and Marcus and I loved Zachary’s parents and Jordan. It was a nice read and definitely a book I would re-read again if I was in the mood for something sweet.

An ARC of this book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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