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The Summer House

The Summer House - R.J. Scott 4.5 stars!

I'm a huge RJ Scott fan. I've read so many of her books and I always love them. There's just something about her characters and stories that appeals to me. I always look forward to new series from her!

The Summer House is the first book in the English Hearts series and it's a great start to the series.

Connor can be a bit hard to warm up to at first. He's closed off and a rude to Ash when they first meet. But when you find out his story you realize why he is the way he is. I felt so bad for him. And I liked him even more than I did in the beginning.

Ash was fun and I liked him straight off. He was rich and confident and funny. I loved how much he wanted Connor and how hard he was willing to work to win him over.

The two of them together was very nice. The connection felt real. And I loved watching them come together as a couple. There was some hesitation on Connors part because of his ex. And I got that. Ash reminded him a little bit of the ex, so it was to be expected. I was so glad when Connor finally opened up to Ash about everything and then their relationship just grew from there.

The ending was perfect. I was smiling like an idiot when I was finished. And I'm really looking forward to the next book. It's a different couple, but I'm hoping we'll see a little bit of these two because it would be nice to see how they're doing.