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Chariots on the Highway

Chariots on the Highway - Limor Moyal, Amitai Nissimov I'm torn when it comes to this book.

I loved Dan and Tom as a couple. I have a soft spot for friends to lovers stories. And I loved the friendship between them as well as the romantic relationship. It was lovely and I would have loved more of the two of them together.

I also really loved the setting, Israel. And I loved learning more about the culture.

I'm also a huge fan of military stories, so that was something I really enjoyed about this book, too.

And the sex scenes were really steamy and emotional, which I love. I think what added to the sex scenes for me was already loving these guys and just wanting them to be together.

The one thing that brought this book down for me was the fact Tom was with someone else for part of this book. It added some angst to the story that I didn't really like.