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Inspiring You

Inspiring You - Jessica Sorensen BR with Momo July 16th!

3.5 stars!

I was really excited about this book. I mean, I loved the other books in the series. And I love Ayden and Lyric. But this fell a little flat for me in places and left me wanting more, but not in a good way.

If this book had been completely from Ayden's POV, I probably would have given it 4 stars instead of 3.5 because I love him. His character is so lovable and I love being inside his head and going on this journey with him. He's suffered so much and I just wish I could hug him and make it all better.

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Lyric annoyed me a little bit in this book. She was a little selfish when it came to touring. She knew how much finding his Sadie meant to Ayden, yet she tried to pressure him into going. And I didn't like that. I've really liked her in the past, but that didn't work for me in this one.

It was nice seeing Sadie in this. Now that, I was really looking forward to for the last couple of books. But she wasn't in it enough. And there wasn't enough of her and Ayden. I wanted more of those two; to see them spend some brother/sister time together and to help each other heal. There was very little of that in this book. And that was so disappointing.

I still love Jessica Sorensen's books and I'm still looking forward to Sage and Sadie's story. But this isn't a favorite of mine.