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Rattlesnake - Kim Fielding Rattlesnake might actually be my favorite Kim Fielding book to date. It’s a little surprising since I’ve been a fan of hers for a while now and I’ve loved pretty much everything I’ve read from her, but there’s something about this book that makes me want to put it on the top of my list.

Jimmy, our MC, is a drifter. He comes to Rattlesnake with a letter for Shane, our love interest, from his very recently deceased father. Jimmy is alone in the world. His mother is dead, his father unknown, and his older half-brothers—who loved to remind him of his ‘only half-brother’ status when he was a child—not wanting to know him, he literally has no one.

Shane has lived in Rattlesnake his whole life. He was left disabled in an accident, but he doesn’t let that beat him. He has a large and loving, but sometimes overprotective, family who want the best for him.

Jimmy doesn’t want to stay in Rattlesnake long. He never settles long and is always moving from place to place, which is the way he’s convinced himself he likes it. But he stays because of Shane.

This story isn’t in your face or overly dramatic. It’s quiet and full of feels. It makes you fall in love with the characters and want the best for them. It also twists your heart and leaves you feeling a little overwhelmed.

I’m still trying to decide who I loved more; Jimmy or Shane. I loved both of them so much. Both men had suffered a trauma. But I definitely wanted to hug Jimmy a little more because of everything he had been through in his life.

Jimmy and Shane are opposites in so many ways. They’ve lived completely different lives. But they worked together. They complimented each other so well and I honestly can’t picture—and don’t want to picture—either of them with someone else. They work and they’re such a lovable couple.

This story is more than just a romance, though, and I promise it’s not all sad. It’s hopeful and leaves you with a smile on your face. It also shows you the true meaning of family and home. It filled me with joy and left me with so many emotions and fond memories of reading this.

It began with a man alone in the wide, empty desert driving a decrepit old Ford with a dead man riding shotgun. But the tale progressed to two men together, alive and dancing and ready to establish their very own home. Jimmy was confident the ending was a long, long time away.

A copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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